About Us

About Us

APE focus on the asphalt modification products and services, to address the increasing needs of high performance asphalt. With global reach and in depth local knowledge, our team of experienced asphalt  specialists can help you meet your asphalt products requirement. Modified asphalt , such as asphalt polymer, asphalt emulsion  are available in a variety of grades. Specifications vary to meet the needs of the industries and are based on a series of tests that define the performance and durability. The physical properties of modified asphalt are designed to meet performance characteristics that are required under the climatic and traffics conditions in service.

APE Subsidiary

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MBS is subsidiary of APE which offer the same product as ape on the island of Sumatera

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ABI is also a subsidiary of APE which offer contractor services for many types of asphalt and other products as well

Our Asphalt MOdification Plant

Front View

Location at Mranak Village, Wonosalam District, Demak Regency – Central Java

Asphalt Emulsion Plant Cap

Asphalt Storage Plant

Our Team

Every member of our team always strives to provide the highest quality asphalt

Mochamad Bhadaiwi

President Director

Sofian Juniardi


Imam Buchairi


Achmad Alwi


About Us

Our Quality Policy

Our reputation in the market, the way we are perceived by our customers, our suppliers and our business partners, is one of our most valued assets. We have constantly monitor, evaluate and improve our products and service, provide constant training, education and coaching of our staff and business partners thus increasing quality (awareness), improving our communication and creating added value. We have implemented internal procedures and rules that are constantly monitored and updated.

Our Mission

Since the start it has been our mission to continuously improve engineering designs, to develop new products and to improve existing ones, to raise the standard of quality, to help you improve your construction. Hence our motto “Ready to improve your construction”.

Our Vision

It is our vision that continuously improving is the key to your building success, that listening to your needs allows us to improve our products, that building strong partnerships result in better constructions…

Our set of Principles

  1. We are expert leaders in our field, we have been continuously improving and developing products to improve construction. We will continue to do so
  2. We try to make the difference, as fast as possible yet being due diligent.
  3. We try to develop solutions and not just sell products, we design systems that meet challenges of the future
  4. We operate in a most respectful and reliable manor.
  5. Innovation and cooperation are keys to our success.

PT. Aspal Polimer Emulsindo
Jalan Raya Demak-Kudus KM 2.2, Kampung Sekaran RT.001 RW.001
Desa Mranak, Kecamatan Wonosalam, Kabupaten Demak – 59571
Provinsi Jawa Tengah.
Phone : +62 291-6913767